HARCO Ag Equipment has an agreement with HarcoTrans, a separate division of Jim Harkness Equipment, to deliver products that HARCO Ag Equipment sells. The rates that are charged by HarcoTrans are very competitive and are often much cheaper than the rates charged by other freight companies. HarcoTrans quotes are inclusive, no surprises such as fuel surcharges, border crossing or brokerage fees.

HarcoTrans is a “FOR HIRE” company and dealers are encouraged to contact WES HOPE at 1-800-461-0847 for a current quote on all trucking requirements, big or small.

This excellent arrangement that we have with this division allows a dealer to call one phone number and get confirmation of prices and availability on a wholegood as well as the freight charge associated with it. It also allows for a guaranteed on time delivery date of that product with a driver who has hauled and moved that product in the past.

HarcoTrans travels from Harriston, Ontario to eastern Quebec at least once a week making stops in between. HarcoTrans also has regular shipments to the Maritime Provinces, western Canada and mid-west United States.

Once again, please call Wes at 1-800-461-0847 for your current freight quote.


As HarcoTrans is a separate company of HARCO Ag Equipment, freight is due and payable on the 10th. of the month following delivery irregardless of the due date on the invoice for the piece of equipment received. On some small items freight may be included with the invoice for the machine and can be paid when machine is paid but the freight on EVERY delivery is payable on demand. Freight is a NET price with no discount allowed for this service.


From time to time items may be delivered by a HARCO salesman to your dealership. THIS SERVICE IS NEVER FREE. HARCO will be charging for this service but it may be at a reduced rate. This service is part of a salesman’s regular route and special trips will be invoiced accordingly. HARCO asks that this service not be abused and that everyone respect the salesman’s time and expenses involved with this extra service.


Did you know HarcoTrans moves freight for other companies not just our own?

Our drivers are equipped with late model tractors and trailers.

They are knowledgeable in equipment handling and tie down and have an excellent record without equipment damage or loss.

Contact Wes Hope at our head office for a competitive rate to move your products. 

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