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Teagle Tomahawk 505M

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Tomahawk 505M

The farmers choice for producing consistently short material from dry bales.

Fast effective milling of straw and miscanthus to a very consistent chop length, as short as 13 ⁄ 8".


Blow straw up to 30', discharge to one or both sides of the tractor. Alternative delivery chutes are available to suit your requirements.

The Tomahawk 404M, 505M and 505XLM bale processors use blades or hammers to chop dry material small enough to pass through the holes in a screen. A range of screens are available with holes from 15mm to 36mm to obtain material of a consistent chop length.

Easy control of output by adjusting the speed of drum rotation.


  • Tomahawk 404M - Suitable for 1.2m (4') diameter bales.
  • Tomahawk 505M - Suitable for 1.5m (5') diameter bales.
  • Tomahawk 505XLM - Suitable for 1.5m (5') diameter bales and full size Hesston bales.

Various drum extensions are available for ease of operation or to accommodate larger rectangular bales.

The 404M/505M/505XLM range is suitable for dry material only, and will not cut silage as it will block the mill sieve.

British built and backed

For your peace of mind Tomahawks are backed by an efficient after sales service from our production facility in Cornwall, England.

The Tomahawk Drum models are economical, simple and robust. There are no gearboxes, with the drive to the rotor being direct from the tractor, a hydraulic motor is used to rotate the drum. Due to their simplicity and strength, customers can expect a long service life from their Tomahawk.


Tomahawk 505M
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benefits and features

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Easy Loading

Netting or wrap is easily removed at a safe working height. Adjustment of the drum angle with the optional hydraulic top link makes the operation even easier.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Knife System

Knife system for high feed rate - use only with screen sizes greater than 12mm.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Hammer System

Hammer system for heavier duty or stoney applications and very short chop lengths.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Choice of Material Chop Length

Length of material is determined by the screen which is fitted. The nature of the material has some effect upon actual shredded length and some variation is likely to occur. Screen sizes available are 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 28, 36, 50mm holes and 120mm slots.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Chute On/Off Levers

Chute on the left and right hand sides can be opened and closed independently.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Direct Drive

Direct drive from rotor to shaft - no gearbox.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Slip and overrun on PTO

For driveline protection a slip clutch is fitted as standard on the PTO shaft.


product specifications
Drum Diameter
Maximum Round Bale Diameter
Maximum Rectangular Bale Size n/a
Height Overall with machine on ground 8'0"
Width with chutes closed 6'5"
Lower chute discharge height 1'4"
Upper chute discharge height 3'7"
Length Overall 7'8"
Drum Extensions Available 1' & 2'
Operating Width 6'9"
Operating Width with Giraffe chute 7'0"
Straw Giraffe Chute discharge height 6'0"
Weight. 2,138 lb
PTO power required 80HP
Straw Short Chop
Feed Baled Silage No
Feed Clamp Silage No
Bed Cubicles / Straw Processing Yes
Bed Loose Housing No
additional options

Trailed Chassis Teagle Tomahawk 505M

Accommodates all models in the Drum Tomahawk range. Available with a choice of ring, ball or clevis hitch. Lower link beam kit also available.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Choice of material chop length

Length of material is determined by the screen. The nature of the material has some effect upon actual shredded length and some variation is likely to occur. We offer a variety of screen sizes 10, 13, 15, 18, 21, 25, 28, 36 holes and 50mm and 120mm slotted. All made from durable Hardox.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Hydraulic Top Link

Heavy duty, strong enough to allow you to change the angle of the machine whilst the drum is loaded.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Straw Giraffe Chute

Only suitable for dry material. It will blow long straw up to 12 metres at 1000rpm.

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Quick Hitch A-Frame

Quick attach A-Frame, allows quick coupling of the Tomahawk onto the tractor.

Electric Drive

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Electric motor drive options available. Contact us for more information.

Various Drum Lengths

Teagle Tomahawk 505M 5' and 6' long drums are also available so a second bale can be loaded before the first is finished, to maintain a consistent feed rate and chop length. 8' long drum x 5' diameter, available only on the Tomahawk 404 - 404M - 4040.

Hydraulic Deflector

Teagle Tomahawk 505M
To control delivery, available on all Giraffe Chutes.

9' Long Drum 505XLM Model

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Takes full length rectangular bales 4' x 4' or two round bales. Centre supports for strength and reliability.

Swivel Giraffe Chute

Teagle Tomahawk 505M Discharge height on 505M 3m (10') (if Tomahawk is lifted 30cm (12") above ground). Dry material only. Optional motor kit available.


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