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Teagle Superted

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Super-ted Swath Conditioner

Strong enough to withstand the massive loading of a heavy swath at a high speed.

Engineered specifically for heavy crops, our attention to detail delivers unparalleled performance in the field in both grass and straw applications.

The Super-ted 221 has a 7'3" wide pick-up and is suitable for silage (will do two 9'11" swaths side by side), straw from all modern combines and hay.

  1. Faster Drying
  2. Reduced Crop Contamination
  3. Reduced Costs in One Pass
  4. Tidier swaths

Find out more about the features that make the Super-ted stand out from the crowd.

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benefits and features

Teagle Superted Adjustable Front Hood

Because not all swaths are the same, the front hood can be adjusted to suit your crop.

Teagle Superted 8 Rows of Tines

Why settle for less? 8 rows of twin-fork tines ensure intensive conditioning.

Teagle Superted Individual Tine Retainers

Individual tine retainers for easy maintenance/preventing crop contamination.

Teagle Superted Low Pressure Tyres

Soil compaction is minimised with the low pressure wheels fitted as standard.

Teagle Superted Castor Wheels

For ease of use your Suer-ted will follow the tractor at headlands without lifting it off the ground.


product specifications
  Super-ted 221
Pick-up width 7'3"
Overall Width 10'2"
Castor wheel tyre size 6.00 - 9 - 10
PTO type with Overrun Clutch
Minimum tractor size 60hp
Linkage Cat 2
Weight. 1753 lbs

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